Vitcas fireproof solutions

The Vitcas company offers a whole variety of fireproof solutions that find multiple applications across the industry. For instance, the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards are known for their very low thermal conductivity and very high structural integrity.
The Vitcas company is among the most well-known manufacturers of refractories, fireproof and heat resistant materials in the world.

vermiculite board


Vitcas has managed to make…

Vitcas has managed to make its name by offering only the best quality products which have found numerous applications in both industry and home use.

For example, the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards are regarded as absolutely top-of-the-range heat resistant solutions. The vermiculite material, though, is a kind of aluminium-magnesium silicate that occurs naturally. When subjected to a lot of heat, the silicate expands which is known as the exfoliation process. The resulting material is then used in its bulk for or it can be further processed into, for example, boards.

The key features of vermiculite boards involve extremely low thermal conductivity levels and very impressive structural integrity which excels that of ceramic fibre boards. The main applications involve boilers, night storage heater or hearths. It is also well-worth mentioning that the material in question is very easily machined using wood processing gear.

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