The Vitcas vermiculite insulation

Vitcas is a class-leading manufacturer ( of heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials for both home and industry use. A range of vermiculite insulation options is particularly functional because it manages to reach a very low thermal conductivity while featuring a very good structural integrity.
Thanks to companies such as Vitcas people can take fire and heat safety absolutely for granted these days.



Fortunately enough, the Vitcas range of…

Fortunately enough, the Vitcas range of products ensures maximum safety on a daily basis thanks to the materials involves in the production process. For example, Vitcas offers a selection of vermiculite fireproof insulation boards. In particular, the vermiculite boards feature 3 design options. The first one involves simply plain boards without and texture or design effects. The second option features the brick effect which is very useful when the material is used in an exposed position next to, for example, brick walls.



Thanks to the brick effect…

Thanks to the brick effect no additional design efforts have to be made in order to make an interior look coherent. A similar function is fulfilled by vermiculite boards with the reeded effect. In spite of the design chosen, vermiculite still offers excellent structural integrity and a very low thermal conductivity. Please visit the Vitcas website for more detailed information on vermiculite fireproof boards.

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