Safety aspects of fireplace use

Although everything related to using a fireplace appears to be straightforward, there are still some safety tips that may just come in handy. Before you even start enjoying your own fireplace, you must make sure it has been made properly, i. e. including refractory and heat resistant materials.
Even though operating a fireplace doesn’t seem to be particularly difficult or troublesome, you do need to remember about a couple of tips and tricks before you can fully enjoy a fireplace experience at home.

Before you go too far,…

Before you go too far, please make sure the refractory cements and mortars are used in the actual making process. It is of vital importance that your fireplace consists of refractory mortars and firebricks because even a typical wood-fired fireplace is easily capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1000C. For the same reason you’re also encourage to use firebricks that are capable of very high service temperatures.

Finally, it is advisable that you use…

Finally, it is advisable that you use some heat insulation materials in shape of magnesium-aluminium fire resistant boards. Those boards are especially designed to allow just about enough heat to warm up your living room and keep the excessive heat inside the fireplace so that it doesn’t pose a threat to you or your property.

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