Heat resistant solutions by Vitcas

These days we take many things for granted including heat resistant solutions. However, we wouldn’t really be able to enjoy a lovely evening next to a fireplace if it weren’t for a variety of products offered by the Vitcas company.
It is really surprising that a majority of people don’t really realise how important heat resistant solutions really are.

A humble fireplace that we all know…

A humble fireplace that we all know generates a whole lot of temperature which we perceive as being very pleasant and enjoyable. However, the truth is much more serious. If it weren’t for innovative materials made by, for example, Vitcas, we would be in serious danger. The Vitcas company is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of heat insulating materials for both industry and home use. This time, though, let’s focus on the latter. The above-mentioned fireplace that we all like and enjoy sitting next to wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for fireplace bricks and fire cement to join them together.

In a nutshell, then, porous bricks…


Foto: www.empire-essentials.com

In a nutshell, then, porous bricks have to be used instead of concrete ones because the pockets of air inside the bricks make for excellent heat insulation and that is what we need. What’s more, the use of fire cement enables us to join all the bricks together with a very durable mixture capable of withstanding very, very high temperatures.

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