Handling fire-related issues with Vitcas

Thanks to the range of Vitcas products it is possible to ensure maximum fire safety even under very difficult conditions. For example, a typical fireplace or furnace easily reach very high temperatures but that is exactly what fire cements and insulating boards were designed to face.
Vitcas is one of those manufacturers which bring make fire safe and relaxing.


vermiculite board

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fire cement

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According to experts, a typical domestic fire installation generates temperatures way in excess of 1200C which sounds like an awful lot. However, Vitcas offers a choice of products especially designed to take on all sorts of dangers and threats that are caused by the use of fire. In particular, for a fireplace or a furnace to be completely safe, one must use fire cement instead of just regular mortar.

Apparently, regular cements are nowhere near as…

Apparently, regular cements are nowhere near as reliable and tough to handle the temperatures found inside furnaces and fireplaces. Then there’s the fire resistant boards. Whereas fire cement protects your property from the inside, vermiculite boards do an excellent job of keeping all the excessive heat exactly where it belongs, namely in the fireplace. The boards help to protect your living room from actually catching fire due to high temperatures present in your fireplace.

What’s more, they’re also known for their very low thermal conductivity which releases the heat slowly and saves you some energy.

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