A range of Vitcas fire-protective materials

The Vitcas company has been around for many decades and over the year it has introduced a range of fire-protective materials that make dealing with fire safe and easy.

fire cement

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Therefore, if you plan on fitting…

Therefore, if you plan on fitting a fireplace in your living room, make sure you go for one of Vitcas products.
Vitcas is in the business since the 19th century and that makes it one of the most experienced players in the industry. The company in question has made its name by offering top quality fire-protective materials suitable for both professional and home use. At this point it should be mentioned that everything about Vitcas products is very professional indeed.

fire cement

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For example, the line of fire and refractory cements uses the latest technologies in order to provide maximum protection against the negative effects of fire and excessive heat. What’s more, Vitcas also offers a choice of fire resistant boards which combine excellent effectiveness with style. To be precise, vermiculite boards are widely known for their very low thermal conductivity level which makes them perfect for the job in question.

fire cement

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Speaking of aesthetics, Vitcas offers 2 possible finishing options. The first one involves a very stylish brick effect which would be perfect if that suits the design of your living room. If it doesn’t, then the reeded effect boards are the answer.

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