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Information about heat resistant plaster

Generally speaking a heat resistant plaster is a replacement for usually used gypsum plaster everywhere, where the temperature is supposed to exceed 50 degrees centigrade: chimney breasts, fireplaces, etc. Due to the fact that on the market nowadays are available plasters from many different manufacturers, you will most likely have no problem with finding one that meets your demands( or meets the demands of a place, where it will be used ). » Read more

About heat resistant plaster

Plaster is widely used in our houses and apartments and we rarely think about it much – usually we don’ t need to apply different kinds of plaster to the walls and standard one( ie. gypsum plaster )is enough in many cases. There are, however, situations when a standard gypsum plaster will not be a good choice: a very good example is a fireplace or chimney, where the temperature may rise well above 50 Celsius degrees( this is usually considered the maximum temperature for a gypsum plaster to not crack ). » Read more